Publishing Assignments


Books, Manuals, Trainer’s Toolkits (in Word)

  • Complete manual for the new trainer, including handouts and worksheets
  • Blended Training methods
  • Online Training
  • Various computer texts
  • Age Diversity
  • Discipline and Grievance procedures
  • Assertiveness
  • Health & Safety
  • Competencies
  • Emotionally intelligent team
  • Emotionally intelligent trainer’s toolkit
  • School editions of plays, with notes and questions
  • Workbooks on Dictionary of American English
  • Management Workbooks
  • Second World War Account


  • Train the Trainer
  • Management Essentials

Final read

  • Political novel
  • CPD manual for trainers
  • Business information manual
  • Book on systems engineering
  • Advanced accountancy course
  • Detailed guide to living in Cambridge
  • GCSE Business Course

Editing and formatting using DTP (InDesign)

  • Range of computer programming titles
  • Course on colour psychology
  • Course on interior design
  • Publications on ethical investment